This web site encompass themes such as polishing, cutting, cleaning, grinding various kinds of stones including natural stones like granites, marbles, limestones, sandstones and man made stones like engineering stones. The main purpose is to provide information who are looking for stone polishing and cleaning products all around the globe.



Although many industries involved in granites and marbles processing, there are not so many site which covers these themes horizontally. We aim to become a useful web site which provide precise and useful information those who look for tools, products, powders, detergents and methods for polishing and cleaning and those who need restoration services.



One more is that "cleaning" and "restoring" natural and manmade stones. For example, granites and marbles are used everywhere from floors to wall, exterior to interior but these need to be restored or cleaned in some points. Stones do "deteriorate". No matter what kind of stones, restoration and cleaning will be indispensable.



We hope you will find best products, services and companies through this granite and marble polishing and cleaning portal.